In Letter Arts Review
Genaveve Starr
Sunday, April 14, 2019
  1. inky paw prints
    22 Mar, 2019
    inky paw prints
    While taking a short course at University of Washington Extension, I was able to stay for a few days with friends in Seattle.  I wanted to get in some practice while Drucynda and Kevin were at work so I set up my large slant board on their dining room table and arranged my tools and paper. In an effort to protect a bottle of india ink from possible interference from their little kitten, I carefully placed it behind the slant board. I was deep in concentration when the kitten ran under the slant
  2. 45-degree pen angle strokes
    11 Mar, 2019
    45-degree pen angle strokes
    These exercises are intended for beginners. More difficult patterns will be posted in future. Pen exercises are important for learning to draw consistent strokes and patterns can be used as decorations and border designs.
  3. mindful practice
    04 Mar, 2019
    mindful practice
    Concentration, patience, relaxation, and visualization are some aspects of effective, mindful practice. Eye-hand coordination may be developed by practicing pen exercises---“pen play”.  Designing patterns with strokes encourages creativity and makes practicing more enjoyable. The rhythm of repeated stroke patterns can be soothing. Future posts to feature pen patterns. Bad habits can form easily when repetitively drawing poor strokes and letterforms. This can be avoided by stopping periodically

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